These conditions of participation refer to the raffle #sdrnk of X-CEN-TEK GmbH & Co. KG, Westerburger Weg 30, 26203 Wardenburg, Germany, (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).

Participation in the raffle is regulated exclusively by these terms and conditions.

The raffle is in no way connected to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok or other social network/platform providers and is in no way organized or supported by Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok or other social network/platform providers.


1) Duration of the raffle

The duration of the raffle is from 01.12.2021, 00:01 CET to 19.12.2021, 23:59 CET. Within this period, users will be given the opportunity to participate in the raffle online.


2) Procedure of the raffle

In order to participate in the competition, the following requirements must be met during the duration of the competition:

  1. The participant has published a self-created audio or video with content appropriate to the Christmas season or the festive season (e.g. song, poem, action) on the Internet. The origin of the content (e.g. self-invented or traditional) is irrelevant for the competition; however, the publication of the audio/video on the internet must be lawful and in particular must not infringe copyright or the general right of personality. The audio/video must be publicly and gratuitously accessible on the internet (for example via social networks). Mentioning the hashtag #suesserdieretternieklingen or #sdrnk in the audio/video is welcome, but not mandatory.
  2. The participant has made a complete and valid registration on the website A reference (hyperlink) to the participating audio/video must be provided.

Participant is the person named in the registration form, only this person takes part in the competition by registering. A participant may not use more than one account to increase his/her chances of winning. An entry may only be submitted once.

Participation in the competition is free of charge. Any GEMA fees, licence fees, postage, hosting fees or other costs/fees by third parties that may be incurred in the course of production, editing and publication by the participant shall be borne by the participant.


3) Eligible participants

Entitled to participate are natural persons worldwide who have reached the age of 18 and are professionally or voluntarily employed in an authority, organisation or company working in the field of “authorities and organisations with security tasks”, in hospitals, nursing homes or other medical/nursing facilities. Participation is not restricted to customers of the organiser and is not dependent on the purchase of goods or services.

Should a participant be restricted in his/her legal capacity, the consent of his/her legal representative is required.

Only those who have performed or technically contributed to the submitted performance (audio or video) are eligible to participate.

All persons involved in the conception and implementation of the competition as well as employees of the organiser and its partners named at and the family members (spouses and first-degree relatives) of the aforementioned persons are not eligible to participate in the competition.

Participation is excluded in the event of violations of these conditions of participation or in the event of incorrect information. A participant who has violated the conditions of participation or provided incorrect information may be deprived of any prize already awarded; in this case, the participant concerned is obliged to return the prize received in full.


4) Winning, notification and transmission of the prize

The winners will receive the following cash prizes, depending on their placement:

1st place: 10,000.00 EUR

2nd place: 1,000.00 EUR

3rd place: 500.00 EUR.

The winner will be determined by the management of X-CEN-TEK GmbH und Co KG on 22.12.2021 at the latest. Criteria for the selection are emotion, humour as well as quality and originality of the performance and content.

The winners will be informed by post and/or e-mail no later than one week after their selection. The participant will notify the organiser of the bank details to which the prize is to be transferred within four weeks of the date on which the prize notification is sent. If the winner misses the notification deadline, the organiser reserves the right to exclude the winner from the competition. In this case, the prize will be forfeited.

The prize will be handed over by bank transfer at the expense of the organiser exclusively to the winner or to the winner’s legal representative. Cash payment of the prize is not possible.

In addition, a symbolic cheque will be handed over to the first-placed winner. Place and time of the cheque presentation will be determined by the organiser. Participation is compulsory. The organiser will bear the travel costs by train (2nd class) in connection with the symbolic cheque presentation as well as the costs of a required overnight stay (3-star hotel), if applicable.


5) Data protection

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to provide personal data, namely name, date of birth, address, e-mail address and contributors.

The organiser points out that all personal data of the participant will only be used to carry out the competition. No other use will be made of the data.

All personal data provided by the participant, in particular the address and e-mail address provided, will be recorded and stored. All participant data will be deleted no later than 30 days after the end of the competition. The winners’ data will be stored until the prize-giving and payment of the prize has been completed. Irrespective of this, the provisions and regulations on storage, retention and deletion under German and European law shall apply. Participants are entitled to the statutory rights of information, amendment and revocation. Further information on our data protection regulations can be found here:


6) Rights of use

The entrant declares that he/she owns the rights to publish and distribute the audio/video on the internet. If the participant is among the winners, he/she expressly grants the organiser the unrestricted right to use, share, reproduce and publish the audio/video submitted by him/her for promotional purposes. This right is unrestricted in terms of media, space and time.


7) Revocation

The participant is free at any time to effect the deletion of his/her registration data by means of revocation at and thus to withdraw from participation in the competition.


8) Contact, applicable law

The competition is organised by X-CEN-TEK GmbH & Co. KG. If you have any queries or complaints, please contact or +49 4407-71476-0.

The competition of the organiser is exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the conflict of laws rules of international private law.


9) Severability clause

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Participation is or becomes invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Participation shall not be affected thereby.

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